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Outspokin Multi-Sport Team (OMT)
 Want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Need help reaching your goals? Come join our team and grow with us. OMT is more than a team, it’s a way of life and a collection of positive attitudes helping each other be their best. OMT athletes compete in triathlons, cycling (Road and Mountain) races, running events from Marathons to 5k’s, and swimming. Also, as a team member get great discounts off events and gear from Outspokin Bicycles. Scroll down to download our new member application.

OMT Mission Statement
OMT's mission is to help all multisport athletes to reach their goals, get healthier and happier, while promoting and supporting multisport events throughout our local community. We also want to impact the lives of less fortunate people within our community by supporting local charities as well. We realize that to accomplish this, each Team Member must embrace and live by the following;

  1.  Assist fellow team members and team leaders in any way they can. 
  2.  Promote the multisport lifestyle and encourage newcomers to join in the sport. 
  3.  Volunteer to support local multisport events whenever possible, especially the ones sponsored by Outspokin Bicycles. 
  4.  Be a “Good-will Ambassador” for our team and our sponsor, Outspokin Bicycles, within their respective social groups and the community. 
  5.  Help local charitable endeavors by volunteering and/or actively participating in fund raising. 
  6. Respect the diversity that we will embrace within our team and treat each Team Member with respect, consideration and provide ongoing feedback and counsel to excel, so that as our team grows, opportunities for growth in our team will be created as well. 
  7. Go above and beyond what’s expected of you everyday! When you perform at an extraordinary level, we all achieve extraordinary results! 

Interested in Joining?
Click here to download our New Member Application and Waiver. Please email application back to us at You can also drop the application off at our Clearwater or Tampa location.