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Retul - Three Dimensional Motion Capture Fitting
The Retul motion capture system was developed with professional racers and the best bike fitters in the world and now we bring this revolutionary fitting tool to you! With Retul's 3-dimensional motion capture technology, we can dial in your bike fit to sub-millimeter tolerances. By allowing you to continuously pedal your bike in a trainer, the Retul system lets us see exactly what you're doing as you ride. Retul makes our bike fitting process faster and more precise so you can be riding at your best, sooner!

With our knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology as it applies to cycling, the Retul system enhances our dynamic bicycle fitting. After asking you about your cycling goals, assessing your individual biomechanics, and letting you warm-up on the trainer, we place 8 markers atop anatomical landmarks (see illustration), along one side of your body that will be used to analyze your full body movements while riding your bike. The small Retul wiring harness is then attached to these markers and information about your riding is sent to the computer. The harness uses tiny LED lights that flash 42 times per second to send data to the sensor.

This data is interpreted by the computer and gives us critical information regarding how you ride. For instance, we can see all of the different knee angles throughout your pedal stroke. And even though the lights may appear to be in one plane, the sensor is able to capture tiny lateral movements, such as a knee wobble, during the pedal stroke that tells us how your body is moving in three dimensions. We then repeat this process on the other side of your body to find any asymmetries between sides. By analyzing the information captured with the Retul system, we can make appropriate changes to your bike fit, both large and small, to make you more comfortable, more efficient and faster, too!

And, once we have your final position dialed in your bike, Retul allows us to keep that information in a convenient 3D digital record so we know exactly how to set up any bikes you may purchase in the future. Just as important, with Retul we can quickly and easily compare your past and present bike fits as both your body and your cycling needs change over time.

Stop by soon and let us show you how the revolutionary Retul system can make you a better cyclist!

Retul Fitting Session $250 with bicycle purchase, $300 without
Dynamic fit using 3D motion capture technology. Comprehensive fit for Road, Mountain, TT, Triathlon, Cross and Track Bikes

Retul Second Bike $250
Same rider, different bike

BASIC Fit $175 (non-Retul)
Static fitting session utilizing traditional fitting techniques of goniometric joint angle measurements, saddle fore-aft, saddle height, handlebar and cleat adjustments as needed (not to exceed 45 minutes)

Adjustments, follow-ups, cleat install/fitting $175 per hour 
Traditional fitting techniques of goniometric joint angle measurements, saddle fore-aft, saddle height, handlebar and cleat adjustments as needed.

RETUL Snap Shot $50 
A left and right side motion capture of the rider

Zin Capture $50
A complete digital map of the bike