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Feature Items

  • Evo Hot Wire 6mm Cage

    Evo's Hot Wire 6mm Cage is a strong, beefy cage, perfect for rough roads, cyclocross and mountain bikes. [more]

  • Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Bottom Bracket
    $59.95 - $64.95

    Shimano's Dura-Ace Bottom Bracket Cups are perfect for Shimano's Dura-Ace Crankset. They feature durable composite construction, super-smooth sealed bearings, a plastic… [more]

  • Continental Mountain King CX (folding)

    Continental’s Mountain King CX reigns over muddy cyclocross courses thanks to its deep profile and open lug pattern. This, combined with its large volume and ramped side… [more]

  • 45North Toaster Fork

    45North's Toaster Fork offers excellent head and neck coverage for winter riding. Stay toasty warm and comfortable with its double-layer merino wool construction,… [more]

  • Origin-8 Captiv-8er UL 29er Tire

    Light up the hardpack with Origin-8's Capiv-8er UL 29er Tire. this ultra-light tire is great for racing and training and features a smooth tread with tiny shoulder knobs… [more]

  • Topeak Mini Dual DXG

    Topeak's Mini Dual DXG is constructed of lightweight aluminum and sports a grippy Kraton and plastic handle for easy pumping. Topeak's thumb-lock SmartHead ensures an… [more]

  • Hollywood Bike Adapter Pro

    Having trouble getting your non-traditional bike onto your trunk or hitch rack? Struggle no more with Hollywood's Bike Adapter Pro. It quickly attaches to most bikes to… [more]

  • Topeak Handy Phone Pack (Micro)

    Keep your cell phone close at hand with Topeak's convenient Handy Phone Pack. Crafted out of soft neoprene, it protects your phone while you ride. And, it includes a… [more]

  • Pro XCR Stem

    Lighten up and beautify your race machine with Pro's sweet XCR Stem. Constructed of 7075 aluminum with a high-tech "puzzle" handlebar clamp, this trick stem offers… [more]

  • Knog Blinder 4 Circle (Front)

    Knog's Blinder 4 light series packs a huge amount of light into a tiny package. A simple white circle pattern alerts people to your presence so you'll be seen riding… [more]

  • Pearl Izumi Elite AmFIB Bib Tights

    Pearl Izumi's Elite AmFIB Bib Tights offer maximum warmth and comfort for extreme winter conditions. They feature stretchy, windproof, water-resistant Elite Softshell… [more]

  • SLS3 Intelligent Race Apparel FRT Race Shorts

    The FRT Race Shorts are SLS3's basic essential that fit so well and are so comfy, they are first out of the drawer every time. They give you support and gentle… [more]

  • Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod

    Lezyne's Classic Pedal Rod is designed for heavy-duty use. Featuring two 15mm wrench openings with optimally positioned offsets, this wrench will loosen any pedal from… [more]

  • Knog Blinder 4 Square (Rear)

    Knog's Blinder 4 light series packs a huge amount of light into a tiny package. The optics are designed to direct light in a powerful beam pattern, while the waterproof… [more]

  • POC Hip VPD 2.0 Shorts

    POC's Hip VPD 2.0 Shorts protect your tailbone and hips with Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough that is flexible when moving, then turns rigid upon impact. Wear these liners… [more]


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Today's Tip

Shifting For The Hills – The best way to shift for climbing (assuming that the hill is challenging, not a short one you can roll right over) is to start in a gear that feels almost too easy and find a nice pedaling rhythm that gets you about half way up the hill. Usually, you will start to “warm-up” to the hill at this point and feel okay because the gear is actually a little bit too easy. At this point, you should shift into a slightly harder gear and see how it feels. This allows using different muscles while covering more ground with each pedal stroke. Depending on the hill, you might find that you can shift several times and actually accelerate over the top of the hill, a great feeling!

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Slang for helmet.